I did a swap with Janneke de Jong for the postcard club.

I sent Janneke a hairy black bear so she replied with a fluffy lady.

(If anyone wants to do a postcard swap let me know!)

Working on the final draft. My lightbox and layout paper is a life saver.

The last few months I have been planning out a book which is why I haven’t uploaded much recently. It’s mostly rough thumbnails and pencil sketches that don’t look like anything interesting.


Swap between club members Max Machen http://www.maxmachen.com/ (Top and Middle) and Tom Hardwick http://www.hardwickillustration.co.uk/(Bottom).

This is such a bright and summery swap between Tom and Max.

Max sent Tom a pullout screen print saying adios before he went on holiday.

Tom sent Max a tall man on his travels.

Done a postcard swap with my old pal, Max

Speculative page 1 draft thingy. 

My painting amongst some other paintings at the exhibition for The Ouchi Galley in Brooklyn.


Swap between Tom Hardwick http://www.hardwickillustration.co.uk/(L) and Ed Cheverton (R).

Tom sent me this cool cat, and I sent him some cowboys.

Join the postcard club (ran by the awesome Ed Cheverton), all the cool kids are doing it.

I made a crude clay model of a character I’m going to be putting in a story that i’m planning. This is what he looks like if he got picked up when his neck wasn’t dried properly. 

Stroll in the woods.